RuneTyper 0.3.1 released

Posted by Byron Pendason on , in Runes, Updates

I've added an Old English keyboard to RuneTyper. In addition to all the runes, it should have all the letters you need to type in Old English, including Ƿ, Þ, Ᵹ, Ð, Æ, ⁊, and Ꝥ. It has two function keys: SH toggles between capitalising and lowercase the letters, while ALT adds the bars over vowels to make them long, and the dots over c and g. Check out the screenshot below:

It still has all the features of the older versions as well, with:

This app is 100% free. There are no ads or in app purchases. There is a donation button in the settings menu, but it's purely to show your appreciation for the app if you so choose. It doesn't unlock any new features.

Screenshots of the various keyboards are below:

I'm working on getting it up on the Google Play Store, but have ran into some snafus getting my Google Play Console account set up. It may take a while to get it resolved, but there's no need to to wait until then to get the app. You can download it below!

Download RuneTyper 0.3.1 here!