Releasing RuneTyper 0.2.0- Four Rune Sets are now in the App!

Posted by Byron Pendason on , in Runes, Updates

Three days ago, I published an apk of my RuneTyper. It's an app that allows you to type in runes and copy it to your phone's clipboard so you can post it to other apps. Any app that uses Unicode (which is every social media site I've tried it on, so far). The last version only had the Anglo-Saxon runes available, but I've now updated it to also include Elder Futhark and both variants of the Younger Futhark (Long Branch and Short Twig)!

My next goal is to put it on the Google Play Store. I'm going to need a Google Play Developer's License, which requires a fee. If you'd like to help offset the cost of the license, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi !

Download RuneTyper 0.2.0 here!