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The Anglo-Saxons, dressed in typical clothing of the period

This website is dedicated to Fyrnsidu, a modern religion based upon the religion of the pre-Christian Germanic tribes that settled in Britain in the fifth century of the common era. These people, commonly known as the Anglo-Saxons, brought with them a religion that is both similar to, yet distinct from, the religion of the pre-Christian Nordic peoples. Fyrnsidu is a religion based upon the worship of the Anglo-Saxon gods, one’s ancestors, and the wights (spirits) of the land around us and in our homes. If you’re curious about Fyrnsidu, check out my slideshow Introduction to Fyrnsidu. The best resource to learn more about Fyrnsidu is Fyrnsidu.faith.

About the Website

Mīne Wyrtruman means My Roots in Old English. As a Fyrnsidere (Anglo-Saxon Heathen), the culture and religion of the ancient pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon peoples are the roots of my faith. I use the little that we know about them as a foundation upon which I build my religion.

Mine Wyrtruman is inclusive, believing that all who feel called are welcome to heathenry, regardless of race or ethnicity. I condemn all types of racism, including ‘folkish’ heathenry.

As the ancient Anglo-Saxon heathens were polytheistic, so is Mine Wyrtruman. I reject the monotheism of Judeo-Christian religions and the duotheism of traditional Wicca. I do not, however, have a problem with Christians or Wiccans.

I plan to cover a wide range of heathen related subjects on this blog, from heathen basics (frith, inner and outer yard, wyrd, orlæg, etc.), runes, racism within heathenry, among many other things.

About the Author

I am an Anglo-Saxon Heathen man in my early thirties living in the Midwestern United States. My interests include studying comparative religion, history, and computer programming. I love science fiction, and playing video games. I’m currently studying the Futhorc (Anglo-Saxon) runes, both from an academic perspective as well as a more magical perspective.

I am not an expert, nor an academic. I am a blue collar worker with a passion for research and access to the internet. All my information about Fyrnsidu has been gathered from my own research and from other Heathens. Please do not take anything on this website as “the true and only way” to practice Fyrnsidu. This religion is very non-dogmatic and personal for that. If you like any ideas that I present on this website, feel free to adopt them. If you don’t agree with something, feel free to not adopt it.

You can follow me on Mastodon at @ByronPendason!

Recent Blog Posts

RuneTyper is Dead; Long Live RuneTyper 2!

Posted by Byron Pendason on November 17, 2023 CE, in , ,

Wes hāl!1 RuneTyper has been unpublished from the Google Play Store. I had lost the source code to it a while back, and it wasn’t even being shown on the Play Store for most people because it targets an older version of Android. I did take the time to rewrite it from scratch, and went to upload it to the Play Store. Unfortunately, I couldn’t update it because of Google Play’s ever changing requirements. They were threatening to remove it anyways because of it needing to get updated, but because I couldn’t update it I decided to preemptively remove it....

A History of Fyrnsidu

Posted by Byron Pendason on September 22, 2023 CE, in , , , ,

Wes hāl!1 Last month, I celebrated five years in Fyrnsidu, and I thought a good way to commemorate that would be to write up a brief history of Fyrnsidu and it’s predecessors. On my home page, I define Fyrnsidu as “a modern religion based upon the religion of the pre-Christian Germanic tribes that settled in Britain in the fifth century of the common era.” Today, we usually define it as Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, but it was originally meant as an alternative to Theodism. More on them in a bit though, first I want to explore the influences leading up to it....

New Month, New Look!

Posted by Byron Pendason on September 16, 2023 CE, in , ,

Wes hāl!1 Today begins the month of Haligmonað, and with the new month I’m happy to announce the new look for Mine Wyrtruman! Wes hāl and Beo gesund are Old English greetings and farewells that literally mean Be well/whole/healthy. The first seemed to be more common among the Anglian dialects and the second more common among the Saxon dialects. I prefer to use both though, the first as a greeting and the second as a farewell. ↩

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