I have signed the Declaration of Deeds

Posted by Byron Pendason on , in Heathenry, Politics, Updates

As long as I have been a Heathen, Heathens have been complaining about Declaration 127. Rightfully so, as it is entirely inadequate as an inclusivity statement. It's a condemnation of a racist organization- the Asatru Folk Assembly. That is admirable, but it's not an inclusivity statement. Inclusive Heathenry has been trying to shoe horn into something it's not.

Beofeld, author of the Anglo-Saxon Heathen blog Wind in the Worldtree, has written such an inclusivity and non-bigotry statement. Called the Declaration of Deeds, it makes clear that there is no basis in Heathenry for prejudice based upon things outside one's control such as race, sex, gender identity, etc. It is a much stronger and better defined statement of inclusivity and non-bigotry for Heathenry.

I want to declare that I agree with and am in support of Beofeld's Declaration of Deeds. I have signed it, and I encourage all of my readers to give it a read and to sign it if you agree with it. This is a grassroots movement, but together we can accomplish something great- steer Heathenry away from the Folkism that so many non-Heathens assume all of us Heathens belong to. Join us in our bid to make Heathenry inclusive to all!