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Posted by Byron Pendason on March 4, 2023 CE, in , , ,

Wes hāl!1 It occurred to me today they I never created a blog post about my podcast. It’s been going for a little over a month, so I’m overdue for an official announcement, I suppose.

The Podcast is called Mine Wyrtruman Radio. I have a page on it on this blog, so for more information and to find out where to listen go to Mine Wyrtruman Radio!

Beo gesund!1

  1. Wes hāl and Beo gesund are Old English greetings and farewells that literally mean Be well/whole/healthy. The first seemed to be more common among the Anglian dialects and the second more common among the Saxon dialects. I prefer to use both though, the first as a greeting and the second as a farewell.  2