My Reconstructed Anglo-Saxon Calendar for 2020

Posted by Byron Pendason on November 13, 2019 CE, in , , ,

For details on how I reconstruct my calendar, see my page on the Anglo-Saxon calendar. I will add a couple notes here, however.This year has thirteen new moons between the previous December solstice and this year’s December solstice. Therefore, the leap month is added between the sixth and seventh months.The months begin on the young moon, when the first sliver of the moon is visible after the new moon. I estimate this by adding 36 hours to the new moon’s time.MonthsÆfterra Gēola begins on Friday December 27, 2019.Solmōnaþ begins on Sunday January 26, 2020.Hreþmonaþ begins on Tuesday February 25, 2020.Ēastremōnaþ...

Filling in the Gaps

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I often find myself feeling a little jealous of the Norse Heathens. They have so many fewer gaps to fill in than the rest of us do, because out of all the Heathens, they have the most extensive lore.

The Importance of Ancestry

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In my last blog post, I discussed ancestor veneration. It can’t be denied that for heathens, our ancestors are a very important aspect of our spirituality. So you’d think that ancestry is very important to us, wouldn’t you?Let me be very clear. Ancestors are very important to heathenry. Ancestry, on the other hand, is not.Whether you are full blooded Anglo-Saxon, or full blooded Asian, I welcome you to heathenry if you feel drawn to it. I want to take this opportunity to discuss racism within heathenry, and to condemn the racism that can found within my beloved religion.It is true...

Ancestor Veneration

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One of my favorite Disney songs is Honor To Us All from Mulan, because of these lyrics (sang by Mulan):AncestorsHear my plea:Help me not to make a fool of meAnd to not uproot my family tree.Keep my father standing tall.This reveals a little about Chinese folk religion. First the importance of family, not wanting to dishonor her family or her father. As an extension of this family honor, that the Chinese practiced ancestor veneration.So why am I talking about Chinese folk religion on an Anglo-Saxon Heathenry blog? Many ancient cultures practiced ancestor veneration, the ancient heathens (pagans from ancient Germanic...

Wyrd- the Heathen Concept of Fate

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Fate. The word often conjures up the image of some deity on high, planning out your life for you in advance. I blame this on the Christian theology of predestination, a Christian doctrine of the time. I do not think this is how it works in Paganism though. And it’s definitely not how it works in Heathenry.