Blog updates- Published books and upcoming blog posts

Posted by Byron Pendason on , in Updates

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know that I've published two books! Both focus on the Anglo-Saxon Calendar. The first book,"The Anglo-Saxon Calendar for the Twenty-First Century", lists all the major dates for each year of this century. That's the beginning of each month, the full moons, and the four major Holidays of Fyrnsidu.

The other book is The 2022 Fyrnsidu Calendar. It is a weekly calendar that has the Anglo-Saxon date and regular (Gregorian) date for each day of the year for 2022. It also marks the beginning of each month, the full moon, and the major holidays of Fyrnsidu.

I also have a couple blog posts planned for this holiday season. The first will be entitled In Defense of a December Yule. It will explain why Yule being celebrated on the December Solstice is the most historically authentic, at least for an Anglo-Saxon context. If you think that'll be controversial, wait until you hear next one!

The other blog post will be entitled Beginning the Year with Mother's Night. In this blog post, I will propose an alternate date for Modraniht, the benefits of separating the Yule and Modraniht celebrations, and an argument for why I feel it is actually more historically authentic.

So stay tuned, we're in for a fun month ahead!